Air Conditioning Replacement
A lot has changed in recent years in the world of air conditioning. When a cooling system fails to provide the cold air required in a room, it can be worth replacing it instead of frequent repairs. Recently, manufacturers have introduced refrigerators that do not deplete ozone layer with chlorofluorocarbon. Also, a new cooling system is energy efficient and consumes less energy than older appliances.

In most cases if your air conditioner is more than eight years old, performing repairs does not prove its worth. Unless it is a minor issue such as replacing a worn out belt, you should consult a professional HVAC tech who can assess the situation. To increase the effectiveness of the air conditioner, you need to install new equipment and ensure the rooms have proper ventilation.

Inspect the Ductwork

You can upgrade air conditioners to the most efficient models, but still not feel comfortable staying in a room during hot weather if your ductwork is damaged or a poor quality install.

Use a professional to insure your new system is installed properly

Once you decide to replace air conditioning its good to have a professional help you diagnose exactly what you need. Here at One Source Home Services we will give you a complete list of all of the parts and equipment we are replacing. When replacing a unit there are almost never surprise expenses because we are replacing the entire unit.

The Cost of Installing a New Air Conditioning

Once you get tired of sweating throughout the summer, you can save cash by installing modern and efficient air conditioner (AC) unit. If your cooling unit is old and requires regular repair, it is worth to replace it with new equipment. Think about the length of time you are going to live in the house before installing new refrigerators and other cooling devices.

If the air cooling system is not broken, we advises homeowners not to replace them unless they are overly energy inefficient. There is no need to upgrade to a new system if your energy bill remains low and no air leaks are reported. Some equipment may appear to operate slowly but produce the required cold air in a room during hot seasons.

Things you need to know before Installing New Air Conditioners

Whatever reason you are looking for a new air conditioner, you’ll want to go through this checklist with an HVAC professional and confirm you are purchasing the correct items for cooling purposes and for your goals.
• How much time do I have to install the new cooling system?
• Do I need to replace the overall system or it can be repaired?
• The size of your home and the area you want to cool.
• The cost involved in replacing or repairing and your budget.

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