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Whether you’re prepping for wintertime or you’re simply looking to make a switch to a newer, more economical model, it might be time to consider furnace replacement. Typically, we at Sudbury HVAC recommend at least looking into replacing your furnace if your current unit is fifteen years old or more. Not only are you possibly working with a dated, inefficient model, but there have been some sweeping strides in the furnace and air industry in the past few years. A new furnace would allow you to take advantage of the best new technologies on the market today.

It can seem overwhelming at first–a furnace is both a large and critical part of your home–but that’s where we come into play. Our qualified professionals can take a look at your furnace space and recommend something that is sized for your needs and with energy-saving specs that have the potential to yield considerable savings in a relatively short time. You’ll be amazed what a new heating system can do for both your home and energy expenses.

Note that a furnace is a big, complex machine, and trying to install a new unit on your own without the proper training and tools required is at best a very time-consuming, messy proposition. To say nothing of the potential hazards or problems that crop up after installation. That’s why it is always best to use expertly-trained technicians like those you’ll find here at One Source Home Services for all of your furnace installation and maintenance needs.

We provide furnace replacement services to the greater Sudbury, ON area in addition to Chelmsford, Garson, Lively, and the Valley Area.

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Furnace Selection

There are a variety of new and improved heating systems on the market these days; some of which you may be unaware depending on the age of your current unit. Our technicians will be more than happy to walk you through detailed explanations of all of the options available today, and the possible pros and cons.

Once we’ve provided you a list of your options, we’ll take a look at your current setup as well as the home overall. Our analysis will then allow us to make educated, professional recommendations as to the best and most efficient system that will fit your needs and work with your home. We will also make sure that when it comes time to do the installation, everything is managed precisely. You won’t have to worry about various codes or permits because we will assist you with this side of things as well. We’re not simply adept at the physical installation–we also understand the sometimes stringent and confusing requirements of the market itself and ensure that all of them are met. We are dedicated to providing you a totally hassle-free experience every step of the way.

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Why One Source Home Services?

One Source Home Services isn’t simply in the business of furnace installation and repair; we’re in the business of doing quality work the first time, and making sure that each customer understands the process we’ll be using. This is because we value your time, and we make every effort during installation to value your home the same way that you would. Our experts will perform a furnace installation with minimal disruption to your everyday routine. We’ll also perform our work as quickly as possible so that things in your house return to normal as soon as possible. We also won’t leave a mess in our wake.

In short, we leave nothing to chance, and we’ll make sure that you have no problems with your furnace that might otherwise crop up from inexperienced workmanship because we provide only the best.

Contact One Source Home Services today to learn more about pricing, furnace replacement options and models, and how we can get you ready for winter, or anything else, in no time at all.


In Ontario, 76% of households use forced air furnaces to heat their homes?
Source: Statistics Canada


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