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Here in Sudbury, plumbing is essential for your comfort, as well as your sanitation. As a result, you want a Sudbury plumbing company that knows the area, as well as all the issues that can affect us from a clogged drain to frozen pipes. We at One Source Home have been serving the area for 25 years and know how to help.

We are proud to serve the greater Sudbury, Ontario area in addition to Chelmsford, Garson, Lively, and the Valley Area. Read on to learn more about our plumbing services.

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Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can wreak havoc on your fixtures whether they are in the tub, shower, sink, toilet, or other. Clogged drains can lead to pipe damage, strange smells, unsanitary living, and more. Professional drain cleaning is no joke. A bottle of drain cleaner from your local hardware store may not do the trick. You may need a professional for your drain cleaning needs in order to fix the problem correctly.

Did you know a clogged drain can cause a number of health issues from respiratory to headaches? Source: Harcourt Health

When attempting to fix a clogged drain yourself DO NOT:

  1. Pour bleach down the drain. Bleach is corrosive and can damage the pipes far worse than a clog.
  2. Use a sub-standard snake. Many sellers offer snakes online, but they aren’t always a good choice. These snakes can be made from cheap materials that can brake off in the pipe, which in turn make the leak worse.
  3. Attempt to disassemble the piping. Only professional plumbers should ever tinker with water tight seals.
  4. Use improper plunging techniques on a clogged drain. It can make the clog worse.

The plumbers at One Source will evaluate your clogged drain to determine the cause and perform expert drain cleaning as quickly and cleanly as possible.

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Other Plumbing Services

In addition to drain cleaning, clogged drains, slow drains, snaking a drain, and toilet clogs, we can perform a number of other services. These plumbing tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Water leaks.
  • Broken toilets.
  • Broken sinks.
  • Installing and repairing all sorts of plumbing fixtures.
  • Sewer line cleaning and replacement.
  • Boilers and hydronics.
  • Well pumps and well tanks.
  • Water services such as treatment, water softeners, water filters, and UV water treatment.
  • Water leaks.
  • Home plumbing renovations.
  • New Construction plumbing.

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Other Services We Provide