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Beat the Heat with our Air Conditioning Repair in Sudbury

Fast and Reliable AC Service

This summer, make sure your air conditioner is ready for the heat with our air conditioning repair services in Sudbury. We provide fast, reliable AC services to get your AC running like it should. Our experienced cooling team has the expertise to diagnose and repair any issue you may have, from a minor AC repair to a full air conditioner replacement. Don’t suffer through the summer heat – get your AC serviced today!

Quality AC Repair for Every Budget

Air conditioning repair can be expensive, but AC repairs in Sudbury don’t have to be. We are committed to our customers by providing top quality and affordable services for every budget. At One Source Home Services we offer a variety of repair and maintenance plans, so you can find the one that works for you. From simple inspections to full system replacements, we have what you need to keep your AC running at its best.

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Common Signs Your AC Needs to Be Repaired

It’s no surprise that air conditioners are essential during those sweltering summer months in Sudbury. Having a functioning air conditioner is crucial to keeping cool and ensuring comfort indoors. However, with continuous usage, there’s always a risk of a few common issues that could lead to air conditioner failures.

Here Are Common AC Issues to Look For

Some typical culprits include refrigerant leaks, which can not only affect the AC’s efficiency but also harm the environment. Another common issue is a clogged or dirty filter, restricting airflow and causing the system to work harder than necessary. Additionally, dust and pollen,  can build up on the evaporator and condenser coils, reducing heat transfer abilities. Regular maintenance is vital to tackle these issues and ensure your air conditioner continues to provide relief from the scorching summer heat, keeping you cool and comfortable all through the season.

Get peace of mind knowing your budget won’t be blindsided with costly surprises – at One Source Home Services, the final price you see is always the honest truth!

Get A New Furnace And Air Conditioner For As Low As $85  Per Month

Should I Continue to Repair My Air Conditioner or Replace It?

Deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioning unit can be a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, you want to extend the life of your existing system with a few simple fixes, but on the other, you may be facing excessive repair costs or higher energy bills that make the prospect of investing in a new unit more appealing.

AC Unit Older Than 15-years May Need to be Replaced

To make the best decision, it’s essential to weigh the age of your AC, its efficiency, and the frequency of repairs in recent years. If your AC unit is 15 years or older it may be time to consider a new air conditioning system. If the cost of repairs is adding up to more than half the price of a brand-new system, or if your AC has lost its touch in keeping your space comfortably cool, then it might be time to consider the benefits of upgrading to a more efficient, eco-friendly option. Ultimately, finding a balance between cost-effectiveness and comfort will guide you in making the right choice for your home and lifestyle.

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Based on 126 reviews
Chantel Nichols
Chantel Nichols
February 23, 2023
I would recommend this company over and over again to anyone I know. Office staff is amazing answering any questions you have and making the process very easy. And George and Mike are such amazing technicians. I am familiar with this trade and I wouldn’t have anyone else work in my house or on my stuff. They are so knowledgeable and very tidy and respectful. I decided to go to a tankless water heater and I am So glad I did !!
Jordan Greenough
Jordan Greenough
December 28, 2022
Great business! Came right away and fixed our boiler issue. Trustworthy and honest service.
Kate Mather
Kate Mather
August 8, 2022
Called at noon one day and tech arrived at 9am the next day!
Ben Patrick
Ben Patrick
June 15, 2022
The one source team was very knowledgeable , on time with a nice clean install. I highly recommend them for any new home upgrades.
Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick
April 10, 2022
They responded same day and were able to fox my broken furnace within an hour. Couldn't be happier.
Robert DeVuono
Robert DeVuono
March 11, 2022
They did a great job installing my new furnace, A/C and tank less water heater. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They cleaned the basement and took all the old materials away. I would recommend them highly.
Patricia Bailey
Patricia Bailey
February 24, 2022
After a few scheduling mishaps, that were beyond their control - Eric made sure that my family was taken care of as we had planned to run out of oil for the original installation. OneSource showed up and had my furnace installed and running within a day , A/C the second day As far as pricing goes, we had quotes from multiple companies offering a free A/C unit, and they couldn't even beat OneSources pricing. They were also the only out of town company we called that was willing to send someone to do the quote in person, vs just taking pictures so that to me proves their customer service. Wpuld absolutely reccommed these guys, and will be a repeat customerfor other work.

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