Furnace Replacement

Furnace Replacement Done the Right Way in Sudbury

The ability to adjust your home’s temperature according to the climate is paramount, especially during those times of unpredictable weather. To ensure you have a comfortable space no matter what season it may be, team up with an established HVAC contractor like One Source Home Services for a new furnace replacement.

A New Furnace Replacement Will Save You Money

If it’s been more than fifteen years since you’ve replaced your old furnace, you could be ready for an HVAC unit. Today’s heating units can provide superior performance while keeping energy costs low. Sudbury HVAC experts suggest that a new furnace replacement allows you to take advantage of exciting advancements in air and furnace technologies – maximizing comfort during chilly months while saving money on utility bills!

Your Trusted HVAC Contractor in Sudbury, Ontario

It can seem overwhelming at first, a furnace is both a large and critical part of your home, but that’s where we come into play. Our qualified HVAC contractor can take a look at your furnace equipment and recommend something that is sized for your needs and with energy-saving specs that have the potential to yield considerable savings in a relatively short time. You’ll be amazed at what a new furnace replacement can do for both your home and energy expenses.

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How To Know which Furnace is Right for You?

There are a variety of new and improved furnace systems on the market these days; some of which you may be unaware of depending on the age of your current unit. Our HVAC repairman will be more than happy to walk you through detailed explanations of all the options available today, and the possible pros and cons with each unit.

Furnace Installation Without the Headache

Once we’ve provided you with a list of your options, we’ll look at your current heating system setup as well as the home overall. Our analysis will then allow us to make educated, professional recommendations as to the best and most efficient new furnace that will fit your needs and work with your home. We will also make sure that when it comes time to do the furnace installation, everything is managed precisely. You won’t have to worry about various codes or permits because we will assist you with this side of things as well.

Hassle-Free Experience With Your New Furnace

Our team of HVAC professionals is here to make the process as smooth as possible for you. From assessing your home’s unique heating needs to installing and testing the new furnace, we handle it all. You can rest assured that your new furnace will be up and running efficiently in no time.

Get A New Furnace And Air Conditioner For As Low As $85  Per Month

Common Furnace Issues to Look For

Even a problem that may seem small can become large if we aren’t notified quickly enough. The sheer number of electrical parts, bearings and other mechanisms inside a furnace system that could have been a relatively simple fix becomes a bigger problem for the unit if left unchecked.

Fall is the Best Time For a Furnace Inspection

It’s always best to get a professional furnace maintenance done in the fall if you have reason to suspect a problem with your furnace. One Source Home Services is here to help with that and put your mind at ease.

For example, a clogged filter can hinder proper air flow, which presents obvious heating issues but also puts undue pressure on your furnace, shortening its life and hastening the need for a complete furnace replacement. A thermostat that isn’t working can not only cause the home to be too hot or cold, but it can also malfunction in ways that cause the furnace to shut down entirely, and it may not be able to restart without professional intervention.

We Know That Your Time is Valuable

We know that your time is valuable, and it’s valuable to us as well. We arrive on time for any inspections or repairs, and we don’t leave you adrift without explanation. We’re dedicated to providing quality services for you and your furnace woes, but just as important to us is how we provide those services.


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We Take Transparency Seriously.

At One Source Home Services, we take transparency seriously. That’s why we always provide our customers with a detailed estimate that lays out all the expected costs for their project. We believe that surprises should be reserved for birthdays, not furnace or HVAC bills.

That’s why we promise that our estimates will never include any hidden fees or charges. Our goal is to make the furnace replacement process as stress-free as possible, and we know that being upfront about costs is a big part of that. So if you’re looking for a team that values honesty and integrity, look no further than One Source Home Services.

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Chantel Nichols
Chantel Nichols
February 23, 2023
I would recommend this company over and over again to anyone I know. Office staff is amazing answering any questions you have and making the process very easy. And George and Mike are such amazing technicians. I am familiar with this trade and I wouldn’t have anyone else work in my house or on my stuff. They are so knowledgeable and very tidy and respectful. I decided to go to a tankless water heater and I am So glad I did !!
Jordan Greenough
Jordan Greenough
December 28, 2022
Great business! Came right away and fixed our boiler issue. Trustworthy and honest service.
Kate Mather
Kate Mather
August 8, 2022
Called at noon one day and tech arrived at 9am the next day!
Ben Patrick
Ben Patrick
June 15, 2022
The one source team was very knowledgeable , on time with a nice clean install. I highly recommend them for any new home upgrades.
Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick
April 10, 2022
They responded same day and were able to fox my broken furnace within an hour. Couldn't be happier.
Robert DeVuono
Robert DeVuono
March 11, 2022
They did a great job installing my new furnace, A/C and tank less water heater. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They cleaned the basement and took all the old materials away. I would recommend them highly.
Patricia Bailey
Patricia Bailey
February 24, 2022
After a few scheduling mishaps, that were beyond their control - Eric made sure that my family was taken care of as we had planned to run out of oil for the original installation. OneSource showed up and had my furnace installed and running within a day , A/C the second day As far as pricing goes, we had quotes from multiple companies offering a free A/C unit, and they couldn't even beat OneSources pricing. They were also the only out of town company we called that was willing to send someone to do the quote in person, vs just taking pictures so that to me proves their customer service. Wpuld absolutely reccommed these guys, and will be a repeat customerfor other work.

One Source Home Services can get you up and running in a jiffy! Get all the information about pricing that you need for a furnace replacement by connecting with us today.